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5 Ways to Up Your Digital Strategy Game

Is your digital strategy up to par? Do you even have a digital strategy? Do you recognize the importance of a website and social media for your business but don’t quite know how to leverage it? When consulting for small businesses and startups, or even large corporations that may not have focused on their digital presence in the past, we look at five key categories for evaluation. We call this our 5-Point Digital Landscape Checklist. If your company isn’t leveraging…

Measuring the Value of Web Advertising – Beyond CTR

Ever wonder who exactly is clicking on your online display or banner ads? According to a new comScore study, it’s likely one of a core group of people as the study found that 8% of Internet users account for 85% of all clicks, and 84% of Internet users never click on a banner ad. Does this mean banner advertising is a waste of money? Not at all – it means that evaluating web advertising may not really all that different…

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