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How to Use Video to Drive Mobile Traffic

Did you know that 92% of videos viewed on a mobile device are shared? If you’re not creating good, sharable video content, you could be missing out on a big opportunity. Find out how to develop great video content on any budget.

What We’re Reading – April 15

Is everyone having more fun than you? Apparently there’s a new social disorder caused by social networks – Fear of Missing Out – when everyone else is posting about all the fun they’re having and you’re not. Jenna Wortham talks about her own experiences in the New York Times. Doing social media right Social Media Examiner talks about nine companies doing social media right and highlights why their efforts are working for them and their audience. Video properties The lastest…

Super Bowl, Super Ads?

Quite often the “big game” is a blow-out where the commercials turn into the highlight of the show. Not so this year – high drama on the field kept even the casual football watcher on the edge of their seats (and gave dedicated fans a blood pressure check more than once). But even still, everyone is abuzz over the commercials – were there any big hits, expensive misses? Or were the commercials the snoozefest that couldn’t keep up with the…

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