The Facebook for Business Starter Kit: 7 Things You Need to Know

Grow–or create–your company’s presence on Facebook with our 7-step Facebook for Business Starter Kit.

5 Ways to Reach Customers with Mobile

As smartphone usage increases, so has the interest in reaching customers with mobile marketing. From SMS to QR codes to search ads, here are 5 ways to reach your customers with mobile.

How E-mail Marketers Can Use Google Priority Inbox

Google’s new Priority Inbox makes best practices for email relevance and open rates more important than ever; here are a few tips to follow to keep your opt-in list at the top of your Gmail recipients’ inboxes.

How To Avoid Email Content Déjà Vu

If you’re marketing to email lists with similar audiences, follow these tips to avoid sending the same message to the same people twice.

How to Give Constructive Design Feedback Past the Logo

Out of all of the phases of a website development project, the one that’s probably the most fun, and most prone to all-around-angst, is the design phase. If your creative agency’s job is to design a superior website, the client’s job is to provide thoughtful, helpful feedback.

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