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Barbie rebranding

Rebranding Barbie, she’s more than just a doll

With the Hilary Clintons and Emma Watsons of the world, along with the #freethenipple and #OscarsSoWhite campaigns, some argue 2015 has been the year of feminism. As a result, traditional ‘girl’ toys, particularly Barbie dolls, have felt the heat, at least until now. Blamed for unrealistic body images like a super skinny waist, and permanently thin arms, for many, Barbie is the epitome of the limitations women experience everyday. Barbie may have worn the white coat, and been the ultimate…

When does social media marketing start to pay off?

If there is anything universal about society today, it is that we are all incredibly impatient. We have fast food, instant download, and same day delivery. Life is all about now – does instant gratification ring a bell? No matter which way you put it, people do not like to wait. However, if there is anything worth waiting for, it is the long-term returns of your social media campaign. The big question How long? When will? Time is always the…

Yes, Your Grandma’s on Facebook. What Now?

More and more Americans over 50 are using social media. Should your business be doing more to reach out to an older audience on social media?

Why Do You Want to be on Pinterest, Anyway?

Figure out whether you need a Pinterest account for your business. (Hint: it all comes down to content!)

Don’t Call Them New Year’s Resolutions: Ideas to Plan By in 2013

Don’t just make New Year’s resolutions for your 2013 digital strategy. Follow our comprehensive advice to improve your site and online marketing this year and every year.

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