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What We’re Reading – January 6

Scan that code If you’re going to create a QR code campaign, you should probably make sure it’s implemented in a place where it will work. Over the holidays, I was visiting a wildlife preserve that offered QR codes along the trail. Unfortunately, there was no data signal available to let us know what the information was. New Year’s resolution infographics Curious about the most popular resolutions or how likely you are to achieve your resolution? There’s an infographic for…

What We’re Reading – November 25

Somebody’s watching me Ever feel like you’re being watched? It’s because you are. Facebook is tracking you. Even when you’re not logged on. Even after you’ve deleted your account. Password security We’ve discussed password security before and now Mashable has compiled the worst passwords of 2011. It’s not surprising that “password” is bad to use as a password, it’s only surprising that people are still using it (and no using passw0rd isn’t sly). See the list of the top 25…

Go Mobile this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Turkeys, stuffing, pecan pie and, that most American of all traditions … holiday shopping. And no matter how stuffed they get at Thanksgiving dinner, people will be hungry for holiday deals. (Black Friday shopping has become an almost gladiatorial sport.) This year, people will be turning to their mobile devices to look for bargains so it’s time for your business to go mobile. Google projects that 44% of searches for gifts and store location will be…

A Day (or More) in the Life of QR Codes

How many ways can you use QR codes in your marketing? Take a look at them through a day (or more) in the life of QR codes.

Who’s Scanning Your QR Codes?

There are seemingly as many ways to use QR codes as there are demographic groups using them. Use data to understand your audience’s mobile interaction.

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