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MySpace: Believe It or Not, It’s Still Kicking

Reports of MySpace’s death have been exaggerated. It may be on life support, but a surprising amount of social media users–especially young, Latino users–are still engaged with the granddaddy of social media channels.

What We’re Reading – July 1

Cyber-sleuthing Do the police need search and social gurus? Judging from recent events, including the capture of Whitey Bulger, the answer seems to be yes. Is Twitter a waste of time? Media Bistro offers this infographic showing what happens on Twitter. Twitter’s ad plans Twitter has plans for “bolder” ads according to the Financial Times. MySpace bought In case you still have your MySpace account, MySpace was purchased this week for $35 million. Klout comes to Facebook pages Many people…

What We’re Reading – February 5

Do more with mobile Google is updating the features on mobile ads again – this time introducing click-to-call phone numbers in mobile ads. I can see this as a definitely helpful feature instead of trying to remember a number and dial. Like Post-its for Analytics Google Analytics has now made their annotations feature available to everyone. If you run a special promotion or your site is featured somewhere, you can create an annotation to note the event and help track…

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

If you have an abandoned profile on social media sites like Classmates, Friendster and MySpace, here’s how to deactivate, delete or otherwise destroy your account.

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