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Make the Choice that Matters

Let me start this post with a big, honking disclaimer: what’’s written below is not intended as an endorsement and in no way reflects the political beliefs of the author or anyone at CDG.* Last night, the power of words was on full display in Denver. Whatever your feelings about Sen. Obama, you have to admit the man knows how to deliver a speech. A speech that he wrote himself, sans the usual supporting cast of merry, partisan speechwriters. Which means…

What’s an Analyst?

I figured that since I scribe this blog, I should let you know what I do at CDG Solutions. I have a very interesting role at CDG, and one that is slowly starting to pop up in more and more interactive shops. It’s a multi-disciplinary role that requires the ability to use the same basic skill set across a variety of tasks — and learn the details of each unique way of using these skills. In a nutshell, an Interactive…

To Flash or Not to Flash?

We’ve been having an interesting internal debate about what techniques to use for various projects. Needless to say, each part of the CDG team has a unique perspective on things.

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