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A Tale of E-mail Subject Line FAIL and How To Avoid It

Avoid making these four email subject line mistakes in your marketing messages: spelling, capitalization, punctuation and factual errors. And how to fix it if you do.

9 Lessons We Learned in ’09

As the year comes to a close, the CDG bloggers take a moment to look back at the Top 9 things we learned in 2009 in interactive marketing strategy, analytics, social media and content.

How to Start a Company Blog: Ready, Set, Go!

The last step of the process in starting a company blog may be the hardest; starting a project is one thing, but continuing it on, consistently, is your true goal. Here are some ideas for how to keep up with blogging.

Can They Really Say That About My Hotel?

It’s a hotel’s worst nightmare: an unhappy guest has complained about the property online and now their review is popping up in Google search results. What is a manager or director of sales to do?
At CDG Interactive, we help our hotel clients manage their reputations online. Based on our experience, we’ve drawn up 3 Tips for Managing Your Hotel’s Reputation Online.

The Social Media for Business 5-Step Starter Kit

Your business is ready to start using social media for marketing. Here’s the 5-Step Starter Kit to get going with Facebook, Twitter and more.

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