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Real World Marketing Matters Too

Heidi talked about the Old Spice campaign last week  (which seems to be one of the most blogged about topics this past week) and one aspect she touched upon in her post is how Wieden + Kennedy chose who to respond to.  They didn’t only choose online celebrities (although they were particularly canny in their selection of those), they also created messages to Ellen DeGeneres, George Stephanapolous and Ryan Seacrest – all people with television shows who could replay the spot and provide additional exposure…

3 Lessons the Old Spice Guy Taught Us About Marketing

The witty, personalized video campaign Old Spice launched on social media channels generated a lot of buzz–and taught us 3 lessons about marketing.

Promotion Without a Product

Promoting your product is only half of the conversion process. You have to give that traffic somewhere to go–and something to buy.

How To Avoid Email Content Déjà Vu

If you’re marketing to email lists with similar audiences, follow these tips to avoid sending the same message to the same people twice.

Case Study: Snowmageddon + Social Media = Sales

A mini case-study of how CDG’s creatives capitalized on the DC Snowmageddon storm to test PR, marketing and advertising channels.

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