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Innate’s Top 10 Web Professional Resources of 2010

It’s the time of year when critics start compiling “best-of” lists. Not to be outdone, we’ve put together a list of 2010’s top-10 resources for web professionals.

How to Add a Product to a LinkedIn Company Profile

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s new Products & Services tab for Company Profiles; CDG Interactive’s 5-step guide walks you through the process.

Lady Gaga: Marketing to a Core Audience

Lady Gaga is a master of marketing techniques to build her fan base, maintain their loyalty and keep them coming back for more. You can learn them, too.

5 Basic Book Promotion Ideas

Writing a book is just the beginning of the journey. Here are 5 key steps self-published authors should take to promote their book and themselves.

How to Verify Customer Intent with Split-Testing

What your customers say they want and what they actually do is often different. Here’s one easy way to verify their intent with testing.

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