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Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the set of "Ellen"

What JCPenney Can Teach You About Brand, Audience and Community

Not long after JCPenney launched a brand transformation, it was given the opportunity to live up to its new brand promise of “fair and square.” Here’s how.

5 Things to Know About Google+ Pages for Businesses

Google+ for Business pages have been live for a month; here are 5 things we’ve learned–and that you need to know.

The Facebook for Business Starter Kit: 7 Things You Need to Know

Grow–or create–your company’s presence on Facebook with our 7-step Facebook for Business Starter Kit.

What Politicians Can Teach You About Marketing

Campaigning and marketing are a lot alike. Here are 4 things politicians can teach you about marketing (and it’s not just about Twitter).

5 Ways to Reach Customers with Mobile

As smartphone usage increases, so has the interest in reaching customers with mobile marketing. From SMS to QR codes to search ads, here are 5 ways to reach your customers with mobile.

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