Why your website needs to be accessible

Why Your Website Needs to Be Accessible

If you knew there was a secret to getting a 20% jump in site traffic, you would want in on that secret, right? Well, it’s not really much of a secret, but for some reason many businesses are ignoring a fairly simple way to do just that. The key is in user experience, but more precisely, accessibility. Is your website accessible to all users? If not, you could be missing out on up to 20% of the population (1 billion…

Innate’s Quick Social Media Marketing Guide

There are certain elements of social media that are vital to understand if you’re going to be posting — tweeting, sharing, linking or otherwise — for a business. These are the elements that will guide you in making strong marketing decisions for your target audience on each site. To help guide you in creating a strategy and starting your own outreach for your company or client, we’ve put together a quick list of each of the biggest social media platforms, what they’re…

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