2 Big Changes to Google+ Pages for Your Business You Need to Know About

Every business should consider Google+ as part of its social media marketing plan. Here are two changes to be aware of for Google+ Business Pages.

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Ignore Google+ at Your Peril

Google+ participation impacts search ranking and now it’s part of the search results, too. You ignore it at your peril. Here’s what you can do.

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What We’re Reading – January 6

Scan that code If you’re going to create a QR code campaign, you should probably make sure it’s implemented in a place where it will work. Over the holidays, I was visiting a wildlife preserve that offered QR codes along the trail. Unfortunately, there was no data signal available to let us know what the information was. New Year’s resolution infographics Curious about the most popular resolutions or how likely you are to achieve your resolution? There’s an infographic for…

5 Things to Know About Google+ Pages for Businesses

Google+ for Business pages have been live for a month; here are 5 things we’ve learned–and that you need to know.

What We’re Reading – December 2

Google update Hot off the presses! Google has updated their search algorithm. Changes include incorporating Major League Soccer and Canadian Football League results, image freshness, a parked domain classifier that will drop or remove parked domains from search results, and improved display on tablets. Facebook privacy Facebook reached a settlement with the FTC over privacy – key parts of the settlement include getting approval from users before changing the way data is shared (rather than mysterious new settings that appear…

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