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What We’re Reading – November 11

Twitter promotion As the holidays approach, we’ll be watching how companies use social media to promote specials. Here’s one we spotted this week from @shabbyapple: For an extra 20% off sale, enter code TWITTER at checkout. the code unlocks after 25 Retweets! GO! We like the requirement for a certain number of pass-alongs before the code is activated. While we’ve seen many promotions that are limited to a certain number (which removes the incentive to share), this encourages fans to…

What We’re Reading – September 2

500 changes a year? Ever wonder how Google decides to change the search algorithm? They made a great video that explains the process, and what’s worth a change. (I’m really more intrigued by the big hourglass on the table in the meeting.) How do you spell Poughkeepsie? You can now search Google Maps using voice search. Though I object to their suggestion that’s the new feature is because Poughkeepsie is hard to spell. Though to be fair, I grew up there so…

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