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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Analytics Goals

Review your business goals for the coming year Anything you’re reporting from your web analytics should mirror your business goals. Some common business goals we hear from clients: Increase sales Increase lead generation Increase awareness Increase engagement Aligning your analytics with your goals in advance will help speed your reporting along. Review your site goals vs. your business goals In Google Analytics (or your web analytics package), look at the goals you have established for your site. In Google Analytics,…

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Keyword “Not Provided”: What A Recent Google Change Means for Your Stats

Have you started seeing “(not provided)” as an increasing portion of your Google Analytics referring keywords? Don’t panic. Here’s what to do.

Tips for Taking the Google Analytics IQ Test, 2011 Edition

Prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test with these tips and sample question content.

What We’re Reading – October 21

Maybe you really shouldn’t text while driving Blackberrys go down for three days, traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi drop by 40%. The news has apparently convinced many to change their ways. Changes to Google Analytics Google Analytics is changing how they are measuring – or at least providing – the data for keyword search. If searchers are logged in to Google, you will no longer receive data in Google Analytics about the specific keywords that are referring traffic to your…

What You Need to Know About Google Analytics’ Change to Visit Calculations

What your business needs to know about the change to the way Google Analytics calculates visits–and its impact on your site metrics.

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