Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

If you have an abandoned profile on social media sites like Classmates, Friendster and MySpace, here’s how to deactivate, delete or otherwise destroy your account.

Rules of Engagement, Social Media Style

Groundwork must be laid for any successful engagement online, and social media is no exception. One of the first things any company or organization must develop (and it can be argued that this benefits individuals as well) is structure for that engagement. Rules, in fact.

Controlling Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Do you know what you’re sharing & do you mean to? Facebook recently changed its terms of service  and depending on whom you believe or how you interpret that, it may affect what you choose to share on the service and with whom.  (Note the change in terms that says your content will survive the termination of your account.) Okay, so now you’re wondering, “How do I keep future employers from finding photos of me?” The easy way is not…

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