When Social Media Sharing Is Exactly What We Need (And When It’s Too Much)

I was giving a presentation on social media to clients recently and almost inevitably the topic of privacy came up. “We’ve all seen people change their relationship status from ‘Married’ to ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘single.’ And that’s awkward in business.” “What a great time to talk about Facebook’s privacy settings!” I replied. With the changes to Facebook and the new way that updates are posted to friends’ profile pages, I encourage anyone who’s using Facebook for both business and personal…

Facebook Ad Campaigns in 5 Easy Steps

Promote your business or organization’s Facebook page with a targeted ad campaign. Here’s how to get started in 5 easy steps.

Social Media Detox: A World Without Twitter, or Facebook, or Blogs

Like many other people whose profession is primarily online, I spend a lot of time, well, online. The amount of information available to me relevant to my field is rich to the point of being overwhelming. I read — or skim the headlines of — over 50 blogs via Google Reader. I’m connected to nearly 1,000 people on Twitter. I check in with Facebook regularly. And then there’s LinkedIn, and listservs, and email. There’s so much good stuff out there,…

Promoting Your Business on Facebook

There are several ways to promote your business – whether that’s a personal project, a band or a major brand on Facebook. One of the easiest is to create a page – similar to a personal profile – dedicated to your business.

Everything That Rises Must Converge

The tech community — particularly the social media and marketing folks — were all, well, atwitter at the news today that social aggregator site FriendFeed is introducing a new beta interface. Here’s Friendfeed before: And the beta, which will run concurrently for a while before replacing the old UI: Yes, kids, the result is a UI that looks less like a firehose of information and more like current media buzz darling Twitter: Plenty of other tech sites and blogs are…

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