What We’re Reading – November 11

Twitter promotion As the holidays approach, we’ll be watching how companies use social media to promote specials. Here’s one we spotted this week from @shabbyapple: For an extra 20% off sale, enter code TWITTER at checkout. the code unlocks after 25 Retweets! GO! We like the requirement for a certain number of pass-alongs before the code is activated. While we’ve seen many promotions that are limited to a certain number (which removes the incentive to share), this encourages fans to…

The Facebook for Business Starter Kit: 7 Things You Need to Know

Grow–or create–your company’s presence on Facebook with our 7-step Facebook for Business Starter Kit.

What We’re Reading – September 16

You can run But now it’s harder to hide or at least it’s harder to hide posts from pages in your newstream completely on Facebook. You can still hide individual posts from your newsfeed, but actually hiding all posts from a page you like is no longer an option. Why don’t you just subscribe to me And now hiding people may not be so necessary. There’s now an option to have people subscribe to your public posts so that you…

What We’re Reading – August 26

Twitter changes Twitter’s making some changes to what they show (some people say making it more like Facebook) and how it’s displayed. Here’s what to expect. Customer service as part of the brand Marketing Profs explains why customer service can make or break your brand, and what you can do about it. Ticketmaster goes social Ticketmaster is teaming up with Facebook to make it easier to coordinate group outings to events. With new interactive seat maps, you can tag your…

Facebook Privacy Changes 2011

Facebook’s August 25 changes to privacy provide more granular control over some settings, but also opens up photo tagging to anyone.

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