When does social media marketing start to pay off?

If there is anything universal about society today, it is that we are all incredibly impatient. We have fast food, instant download, and same day delivery. Life is all about now – does instant gratification ring a bell? No matter which way you put it, people do not like to wait. However, if there is anything worth waiting for, it is the long-term returns of your social media campaign. The big question How long? When will? Time is always the…

3 Phrases That Make Social Media Managers Cringe

If you ask your social media managers what drives them nuts about their jobs, there’s a good chance it’s hearing one of these phrases from their teams. “Can’t you just Facebook it?” The first thing people need to realize about social media marketing is that “Facebook” isn’t your strategy. Facebook is a vehicle for your communications. It’s also the way you can engage a particular audience. When you are saying “just Facebook it,” what are you actually trying to accomplish?…

Yes, Your Grandma’s on Facebook. What Now?

More and more Americans over 50 are using social media. Should your business be doing more to reach out to an older audience on social media?

Social Media Discernment: How to Choose the Right Platforms for Your Business

How do you know which social media platforms to use, and when to add new ones, like Pinterest or Tumblr? You need social media discernment. Here’s how.

Facebook Passwords: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Apparently some employers are asking job candidates to share their Facebook passwords. Here’s why reputable employers won’t ask. And why smart job hunters shouldn’t tell.

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