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Facebook Passwords: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Apparently some employers are asking job candidates to share their Facebook passwords. Here’s why reputable employers won’t ask. And why smart job hunters shouldn’t tell.

What We’re Reading – December 2

Google update Hot off the presses! Google has updated their search algorithm. Changes include incorporating Major League Soccer and Canadian Football League results, image freshness, a parked domain classifier that will drop or remove parked domains from search results, and improved display on tablets. Facebook privacy Facebook reached a settlement with the FTC over privacy – key parts of the settlement include getting approval from users before changing the way data is shared (rather than mysterious new settings that appear…

Facebook Privacy Changes 2011

Facebook’s August 25 changes to privacy provide more granular control over some settings, but also opens up photo tagging to anyone.

What We’re Reading – June 10

Who’s that girl? Facebook has added a face recognition feature to auto-suggest tags when photos. You’ll probably want to update your privacy settings if you don’t want to be auto-suggested in every picture of you posted to Facebook – especially since you don’t have the option to pre-approve photos you’re tagged in. You can only remove tags once they’ve been placed in a photo. ZDNet offers a nice explanation of how to do update your privacy settings accordingly. Pictures or…

When Social Media Sharing Is Exactly What We Need (And When It’s Too Much)

I was giving a presentation on social media to clients recently and almost inevitably the topic of privacy came up. “We’ve all seen people change their relationship status from ‘Married’ to ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘single.’ And that’s awkward in business.” “What a great time to talk about Facebook’s privacy settings!” I replied. With the changes to Facebook and the new way that updates are posted to friends’ profile pages, I encourage anyone who’s using Facebook for both business and personal…

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