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3 Phrases That Make Social Media Managers Cringe

If you ask your social media managers what drives them nuts about their jobs, there’s a good chance it’s hearing one of these phrases from their teams. “Can’t you just Facebook it?” The first thing people need to realize about social media marketing is that “Facebook” isn’t your strategy. Facebook is a vehicle for your communications. It’s also the way you can engage a particular audience. When you are saying “just Facebook it,” what are you actually trying to accomplish?…

3 Ways to Prevent Social Media Self-Sabotage on your Job Search

While it’s probably not a surprise that 45% of employers reported using social networking sites to research job candidates (according to a recent CareerBuilder survey), it is surprising that 35% of those employers reported finding information that prevented them from hiring candidates. Now these are candidates that were actually under consideration for positions – the employers weren’t just reviewing resumes or deciding who to bring in for an interview. These were candidates at or past the offer stage. So that’s…

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