Barbie rebranding

Rebranding Barbie, she’s more than just a doll

With the Hilary Clintons and Emma Watsons of the world, along with the #freethenipple and #OscarsSoWhite campaigns, some argue 2015 has been the year of feminism. As a result, traditional ‘girl’ toys, particularly Barbie dolls, have felt the heat, at least until now. Blamed for unrealistic body images like a super skinny waist, and permanently thin arms, for many, Barbie is the epitome of the limitations women experience everyday. Barbie may have worn the white coat, and been the ultimate…

5 Ways to Reach Customers with Mobile

As smartphone usage increases, so has the interest in reaching customers with mobile marketing. From SMS to QR codes to search ads, here are 5 ways to reach your customers with mobile.

Raising a Toast to Another Great Year

We look back at our biggest highlights of 2010 and ahead to another great year with our clients in 2011.

Facebook Ad Campaigns in 5 Easy Steps

Promote your business or organization’s Facebook page with a targeted ad campaign. Here’s how to get started in 5 easy steps.

Super Bowl, Super Ads?

Quite often the “big game” is a blow-out where the commercials turn into the highlight of the show. Not so this year – high drama on the field kept even the casual football watcher on the edge of their seats (and gave dedicated fans a blood pressure check more than once). But even still, everyone is abuzz over the commercials – were there any big hits, expensive misses? Or were the commercials the snoozefest that couldn’t keep up with the…

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