Check us out! The folks at BrainJams mentioned us and our client, the Hotel Maison de Ville, in a post about the New Orleans BrainJams which a couple of the CDG team attended. We had a great time and learned a lot from everyone there. We’re pretty happy that the feeling seems to be mutual. We love seeing the new photos from Maison de Ville, and Carly posted some of her own pictures that she took when she stayed there…

To Flash or Not to Flash?

We’ve been having an interesting internal debate about what techniques to use for various projects. Needless to say, each part of the CDG team has a unique perspective on things.

World Cup Technology

Several CDG staffers are soccer fans, so the World Cup is part of the conversation here. Being an interactive studio, we also love technology. So imagine how excited we were to discover the variety of new products that combine soccer and technology. [update: 5-23-06]

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