Social Norms in Virtual Worlds

I just spent my lunch reading a study by Nick Yee of Standford University entitle “The Unbearable Likeness of Being: The Persistence of Nonverbal Social Norms in Online Virtual Environments”(pdf) Now if you read all the way through the title, and didn’t glaze over — you should really read the study. It’s a short report and it’s very interesting. There’s also a great interview with him at Mind Hacks that’s worth reading.

Site Launch: Philadelphia Insurance

CDG Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Philadelphia Insurance’s new website.  CDG designed the site and provided HTML templates.  Implementation of the final site was completed by Philadelphia’s in-house IT Team. Tags: launch, phly, insurance, website design

Brightcove and the Birth of Broadband TV

I’ve seen the future and it’s new broadband TV networks. Someone turned me on to Brightcove, the new venture started by Jeremy Allaire of Coldfusion fame. I checked it out, and my first response was “eh, not so exciting.” Then I started to check out some of the channels that companies have already created, and I’m now intrigued.

Google Reader

I read a lot of blogs, so I make liberal use of RSS feeds.  I just don’t have time to surf from blog to blog. RSS is a lifesaver in that respect.  It makes all of them come to me — brilliant!  Now RSS is nothing new, but innovations in RSS readers are always newsworthy. I’ve used quite a few RSS readers, both free and paid.  Newsgator had me for quite a while, but eventually I found it tiresome.  I…


Writely has been around for a while now, but I wanted to actually take the time to really use this new Web-based word processor before talking about it.  Too often bloggers, me included haphazardly review new gadgets, gizmos and websites without really taking the time to explore them thoroughly.  The only way to do that is to just use the widget over an extended period of time. I’ve been using Writely for a couple of months now for both work…

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