Site Launch:

CDG Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the Foundation for Digestive Health and Nutrition‘s new website. The site was designed by CDG and implemented in our content management system, WMS. Tags: fdhn, website redesign, nonprofit, launch

Visibility Optimization

It’s time to change the converstation. Too many people talk about search engine optimization as the holy grail and act like it’s divorced from all other forms of marketing and communications. Then there are the search marketing (e.g. adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing) camps which contend that the only choice is to buy hundreds of useless keywords with contextless ads. And of course there are the growing social media & viral camps that insist that this is the only way.
That’s right two exclamation points. I’m that serious.

Site Launch: Firefly Farms

CDG is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned Firefly Farms website.  Firefly Farms is a small goat farm that makes great artisanal cheese.  Beyond the website, CDG has designed the packaging for most of Firefly Farms’ cheeses.  Look for it at gourmet grocery stores like Whole Foods and Balduccis, as well as cheese boutiques everywhere! Technorati Tags: launch, website, cdg, firefly farms, artisanal, cheese, goat cheese

Site Launch: Taconic

CDG Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Taconic’s new website.  CDG designed the site and provided HTML templates. Implementation of the final site was completed by Taconic’s in-house IT Team. Technorati Tags: launch, website design, taconic, cdg

Big Blue goes Virtual

It seems that even Big Blue, IBM, is getting into the virtual world act.  Reuters is reporting that IBM is set to jump into Second Life with a seriously huge commitment. Apparently IBM CEO, Samuel Palmisano, is even going to have a custom avatar that looks like him.  As much as I’d like for people to stop announcing that they are the “first something” in Second Life — this is an interesting first.    The question is will the Fortune…

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