Social and Anti-Social Media Tips for Hotels

Today I had an article published in Hospitality Net called “Five Ways Hotel Staff Members Can Improve Their Hotel’s Online Presence,” which lists easy, low-cost ways that those in the hospitality industry can use the Internet to gain publicity and business.  (If you’re in D.C. attend Lisa and Carly’s HSMAI DC Travel 2.0 presentation tonight for even more insight.) Even if you’re not in that industry, read the article for inspiration on how to use blogs and photo-sharing sites to…

Web + Travel = Travel2.0

Lisa King, a producer at CDG, and I are doing a presentation on Web 2.0 to HSMAI DC, the Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Association, on Wednesday night.  Our goal is to ensure that the people attending can walk out the door and have at least three things they can realistically do the next day to add social media elements to their marketing mix. The hard part is keeping the presentation focused so we manage to stay within the two-hour time…

It’s an Ad, Silly

I was reminded last  week that when I think I’m being repetitive — I’m often just getting through.  For so long SEO was devoid of any marketing theory that I guess I can’t remind people often enough that titles and meta descriptions are really tiny ads.  This morning SEOmoz had a great article on meta descriptions, and so I decided if they are saying it again, it’s still must need saying.

Our Hotels Show Their Colors

Spring is here and that means that all of our hotel clients are showing their colors. When you visit the Radisson Chicago Hotel and Suites, you’ll be in an area awash with bright pink, yellow and purple flowers as April 16 marks Tulip Days on Magnificent Mile. The hotel is celebrating with a special package that includes a live tulip plant and free parking. In addition, the surrounding stores and restaurants are offering special sales and menus. If you’re thinking…

Turn Competitors into Collaborators

There are more and more companies that are turning potential competitors into collaborators.  I’m not talking about huge multi-national companies that take over some small company and call it a merger.  I’m really talking about a growing trend in business.   It’s part of the whole “Web 2.0” movement, which pretty much assumes that 100 minds are better than 1 person’s humble opinion. That’s really what Web 2.0 is about — conversation, but that’s a discussion for another time.

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