Our Hotels Show Their Colors

Spring is here and that means that all of our hotel clients are showing their colors. When you visit the Radisson Chicago Hotel and Suites, you’ll be in an area awash with bright pink, yellow and purple flowers as April 16 marks Tulip Days on Magnificent Mile. The hotel is celebrating with a special package that includes a live tulip plant and free parking. In addition, the surrounding stores and restaurants are offering special sales and menus. If you’re thinking…

Turn Competitors into Collaborators

There are more and more companies that are turning potential competitors into collaborators.  I’m not talking about huge multi-national companies that take over some small company and call it a merger.  I’m really talking about a growing trend in business.   It’s part of the whole “Web 2.0” movement, which pretty much assumes that 100 minds are better than 1 person’s humble opinion. That’s really what Web 2.0 is about — conversation, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Converstation Starters

Online newspapers are finally finding their strides, despite the dire warnings about the Internet being the death of newspapers.  Many newspapers are realizing that the Web provides a unique opportunity to once again be the source for information.  For years Americans have drifted away from newspapers, but as more and more of us use the Web to find information and news — the online newspapers are really our most reliable sources of information.

The Magic of Moo

Moo is huge.  Moo is fun.  Moo is more interesting than the Moo crew ever imagined. What’s Moo?  It’s all Greek to you? Moo, is a company that prints 1/2 sized business cards as personal calling cards.  The gimmick is that you can pull pictures from your Flickr account and crop them to size in the Moo interface and then type a personal message on the back.  Moo called them “calling cards,” but like so many user-generated content ideas —…

The 3rd-Space Site Concept

People like to remind me that more than 1/2 of the country says they’ve never even been on a blog.  I like to remind them that lots of people have been on blogs, but just don’t realize the website they were on is, technically, a blog.  Whenever I start talking social media or social networking and the business value of it all — eyes start to roll.   Too many corporate executives still don’t get it.  Too many are still worried…

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