“Web Design”

HTML5 for Web Designers Book Review

Worried and befuddled by HTML5? CDG Developer Ivan Wilson reviews a book that can help you get a handle on it.

3 Ways to Go Mobile

Wondering how to make the mobile platform work for your business? Here are three strategies to consider.

How Can I Tell If My Website Is Successful?

If you have an ecommerce site, it’s pretty easy to measure your success.Just take a look at your completed transactions. Sales holding steady or on the rise? You’re doing great. Too many abandoned shopping carts? You’ve got some work to do. “But what does success look like if I don’t have a shopping cart?” It’s a common question we hear from educational institutions, trade associations, non-profits, and other organizations that aren’t focused on web-based sales. But never fear. You still…

Innate Launches Mondial Assistance France

CDG Interactive launches another global site for Mondial Assistance, using the flexible and robust ZeusCMS content management system

How to Give Constructive Design Feedback Past the Logo

Out of all of the phases of a website development project, the one that’s probably the most fun, and most prone to all-around-angst, is the design phase. If your creative agency’s job is to design a superior website, the client’s job is to provide thoughtful, helpful feedback.

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