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It’s An Exciting Day ForWomen! Innate Launches New Site for the Ms. Foundation

CDG is proud to announce the launch of, the new site of the Ms. Foundation for Women. Check it out!

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Cheers! Innate’s “Taste of Savings” iAd Debuts this Week

CDG announces the launch of its latest iAd for GEICO . . . The Taste of Savings!

Museum Websites: The Big Idea

Museum websites should be more than a virtual emulation of a physical space. They should enable, enlighten and engage. Here’s why, and how.

Innate Launches CQ Roll Call

In time for the 2012 election cycle, CDG Interactive launched a new and improved site for CQ Roll Call, the premier provider of non-partisan legislative and electoral news and analysis.

Taste of America Gains Visibility & Votes for CQ Roll Call

CDG Interactive helped CQ Roll Call gain visibility and votes by building the mini-site for its Taste of America national food contest.

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