“User Experience”

Social Norms in Virtual Worlds

I just spent my lunch reading a study by Nick Yee of Standford University entitle “The Unbearable Likeness of Being: The Persistence of Nonverbal Social Norms in Online Virtual Environments”(pdf) Now if you read all the way through the title, and didn’t glaze over — you should really read the study. It’s a short report and it’s very interesting. There’s also a great interview with him at Mind Hacks that’s worth reading.

New Document Format

So I’ve discovered the secret to the big changes in Microsoft Word 2007 — there’s a new format. Native 2007 documents aren’t .doc they are .docx. There’s a lot of great functionality in this new format — but of course anyone not on Office 2007 won’t be able to open the document. It’s actually pretty gutsy of Microsoft. There will those that complain, but a common complaint is that Microsoft never moves forward because they allow so much backwards compatibility.…

Holy Duplicates Batman!

I changed my RSS feeds over from NewsGator to the native reader in Office 2007 Beta. Easy enough process, just export your OPML file, which is standard for RSS readers and import it back into Outlook. Quite a simple process. Okay — except for the 2000 duplicate posts. Now I’m deleting thousands of duplicates. I’ve been assured this only happens once, but it’s hard to tell since I haven’t even been able to get rid of the first batch of…

How Un-Microsoft

How un-Microsoft of Microsoft is this — they are actually offering a full beta-test version of Office 2007 and it lasts until February 2007. What’s more amazing is that I care. Scott, the CDG president, has it running on his computer and I noticed that his Outlook looked different this morning. He showed me what it can do and some of the really interesting new features in the rest of the Office suite. I’m actually floored that it’s different enough…

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