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How to Start a Company Blog: Setting It Up

Our series on starting a company blog moves on to the technical part of the process, actually setting up the blog, from choosing your blogging software to incorporating your blog into your overall web site.

Make it Work: What Web Pros Can Learn from Tim Gunn

My heart skipped several beats when I saw this feature about the return of Project Runway this summer (squee!). What am I looking forward to most? Not the crazy challenges. Not the inflated designer egos. Not even the snarky trifecta of judges Klum, Kors, and Garcia. No, I am most excited about the return of the ever-impeccable, always-insightful Tim Gunn, who serves as a mentor for the designers. Each season, he helps designers channel their creativity with gentle but constructive…

User Interface Inspiration

Call it inspiration from others, or learning by example, but user interface designers often get sparks of new ideas from looking at UI best practices. At CDG Interactive, for example, when creating design directions for a new web site interface, we’ll assemble mood boards for pure aesthetic inspiration, and research not only competitors of our clients, but sites in what we call “parallel industries.” So we were delighted to discover a new repository of ideas and UI best of breed…

Move off the Web and Onto the Desktop – Part 1

These days people are so obsessed with adding Web 2.0 elements to their website, and rightly so, that they forget about developing a well-rounded interactive marketing strategy.  Since I’m just as guilty of that as the next person, I thought I’d talk today about some lesser explore interactive options.  I’m actually hoping we can stop talking “Web 2.0” soon and just get back to talking about interactive — since that’s what Web 2.0 really is.  It’s really about making the…

Move off the Web and onto the Desktop Part 2

Widgets (think Southwest, or something simpler) Live chat with Concierge, Wedding Planner, or front desk staff (mobile implications)

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