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AARP Launches Interactive Tool Developed by Innate

Yesterday AARP launched the Health Law Guide, an interactive tool designed and developed by Innate in partnership with Avalere Health LLC. The Guide helps users understand how they will personally be impacted by the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act — both now and in the future. To use the tool, users answer several questions about their personal situation (age, income, health insurance status, etc.). Based on the data, the survey provides the user with a personal report that…

Go Mobile this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Turkeys, stuffing, pecan pie and, that most American of all traditions … holiday shopping. And no matter how stuffed they get at Thanksgiving dinner, people will be hungry for holiday deals. (Black Friday shopping has become an almost gladiatorial sport.) This year, people will be turning to their mobile devices to look for bargains so it’s time for your business to go mobile. Google projects that 44% of searches for gifts and store location will be…

In Praise of Usability Testing

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post with an urgent message – you MUST do usability testing on your website. Although it might sound daunting—and expensive—usability testing is nothing more than a fancy term for getting an objective opinion. As the wonderful Steve Krug (who has a PhD in Awesome) has pointed out, usability testing doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. And it always gives you insight into how you can improve your site. Last week at Innate, we…

Negotiating the Perils of Online Payments

You’ve started your new business and built your website, but how are you going to sell your products?  For many small retailers and businesses just starting out, a merchant account with a credit card company isn’t an option. So what are your choices? Etsy If your product involves anything craft or art or artisan related, then it’s often most efficient to just integrate your Etsy store into your website using Etsy Mini. With Etsy Mini you can select from a…

How Sites Label Account Access Navigation

Should your users “sign in” to their accounts or “log in”? Our review of navigation labels at top websites had some surprises.

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