The Revolution will be Mobile (hello iPhone)

The blogosphere has been all a-buzz with the iPhone since before it was announced as a real product.  Mac fans have been dreaming of the perfect handheld gadget that would interpret and anticipate every need they have.  Apparently Mac fans have short memories, and had forgotten or forgive Apple for the Newton — which actually was the grand-daddy of PDAs — but failed miserably. I’ve avoided writing about the iPhone because everyone else had been covering it ad-naseum.  Then Scott…

Web + Travel = Travel2.0

Lisa King, a producer at CDG, and I are doing a presentation on Web 2.0 to HSMAI DC, the Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Association, on Wednesday night.  Our goal is to ensure that the people attending can walk out the door and have at least three things they can realistically do the next day to add social media elements to their marketing mix. The hard part is keeping the presentation focused so we manage to stay within the two-hour time…

Converstation Starters

Online newspapers are finally finding their strides, despite the dire warnings about the Internet being the death of newspapers.  Many newspapers are realizing that the Web provides a unique opportunity to once again be the source for information.  For years Americans have drifted away from newspapers, but as more and more of us use the Web to find information and news — the online newspapers are really our most reliable sources of information.

Big Blue goes Virtual

It seems that even Big Blue, IBM, is getting into the virtual world act.  Reuters is reporting that IBM is set to jump into Second Life with a seriously huge commitment. Apparently IBM CEO, Samuel Palmisano, is even going to have a custom avatar that looks like him.  As much as I’d like for people to stop announcing that they are the “first something” in Second Life — this is an interesting first.    The question is will the Fortune…

Brightcove and the Birth of Broadband TV

I’ve seen the future and it’s new broadband TV networks. Someone turned me on to Brightcove, the new venture started by Jeremy Allaire of Coldfusion fame. I checked it out, and my first response was “eh, not so exciting.” Then I started to check out some of the channels that companies have already created, and I’m now intrigued.

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