5 Ways to Clean Up Your Code

When you begin to learn HTML, and particularly when you get good at it, nothing will drive you crazier than to see junked up markup. I’m talking: &nbsp;, <br />, %20, empty <em> tags, etc. Below we discuss 5 easy ways to clean up your code. 1. Remove Spaces from Your URL If someone sends you a URL of a really great web article, which of the two below are you more likely to click? I’m going to…

Businesses React to Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: Businesses React – Innate’s Top 5 As we mentioned earlier this week, Pokémon Go almost immediately vexed some businesses with its surprising popularity, leading a few establishments to declare “Pokemon are for paying customers only.” Others have embraced the craze and are using the game to reach out to new audiences. Here are five of our favorite responses, local to DC and national – they may just help you find a new opportunity: Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions (Pokemon music…

Fashion & Technology: What brands can learn from the 2016 Met Gala

The first Monday of May is a time for celebration in the fashion world. Each year, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts a fundraiser gala that celebrates a different theme – one that crosses cultural boundaries. This year was no exception. The theme for the 2016 Met Gala, Manus x Machina, payed homage to fashion in the tech world, and vice versa. In past years, haute couture especially has been rather archaic. Ateliers create one-of-a-kind pieces…

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How to Make Data Accessible

One of our Twitter followers is interested in solving important medical and scientific questions while making his data accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities. Using an API and a small suite of strong web code, accessibility can be automated and will remain accessible regardless of changing data.

Is the Postman REST Client Really Efficient?

Postman REST Client is a Google Chrome extension that makes REST calls, an HTTP client for testing web services. It is a more efficient tool for front-end and back-end developers who are working with API keys. Postman is used to run a couple of automated tests in a collection runner. The Postman interface is divided into two areas. On the left side, we can build a collection with various “create”, “get”, and “post” requests. On right side, the request constructor…

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