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2 Big Changes to Google+ Pages for Your Business You Need to Know About

Every business should consider Google+ as part of its social media marketing plan. Here are two changes to be aware of for Google+ Business Pages.

5 Tips for Responding to a Crisis on Social Media

Are you ready to respond on social media if (and when) a crisis hits your business? Here are 5 tips for social media crisis communications.

2014 production of the Cole Porter musical "Kiss Me Kate"

Arts Organizations and Social Media: Collaborators or Competitors?

For arts and culture organizations using social media, particularly in the performing arts, there is often a tension between competition and collaboration.

Social Media Discernment: How to Choose the Right Platforms for Your Business

How do you know which social media platforms to use, and when to add new ones, like Pinterest or Tumblr? You need social media discernment. Here’s how.

"Myspacers rule" bulletin board

MySpace: Believe It or Not, It’s Still Kicking

Reports of MySpace’s death have been exaggerated. It may be on life support, but a surprising amount of social media users–especially young, Latino users–are still engaged with the granddaddy of social media channels.

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