“Social Media”

Murky Social Media

Even though I live just down the street from Murky Coffee in Arlington, Virginia, I was not present for the recent kerfuffle over the ice and the espresso. There are several versions of what happened (Rashomon anyone?) but the end result was a letter posted by Murky’s owner on their blog.

Social and Anti-Social Media Tips for Hotels

Today I had an article published in Hospitality Net called “Five Ways Hotel Staff Members Can Improve Their Hotel’s Online Presence,” which lists easy, low-cost ways that those in the hospitality industry can use the Internet to gain publicity and business.  (If you’re in D.C. attend Lisa and Carly’s HSMAI DC Travel 2.0 presentation tonight for even more insight.) Even if you’re not in that industry, read the article for inspiration on how to use blogs and photo-sharing sites to…

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