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The 5 People You’ll Meet on Twitter

Once you use Twitter for a while, you discover that among the great twittering masses — numbering about 6 million, at last count — there are only about five kinds of people. (Give or take.)

3 Ways to Prevent Social Media Self-Sabotage on your Job Search

While it’s probably not a surprise that 45% of employers reported using social networking sites to research job candidates (according to a recent CareerBuilder survey), it is surprising that 35% of those employers reported finding information that prevented them from hiring candidates. Now these are candidates that were actually under consideration for positions – the employers weren’t just reviewing resumes or deciding who to bring in for an interview. These were candidates at or past the offer stage. So that’s…

Wait — You Mean Twitter Can Go Down?

So Twitter was down and out for a couple of hours this morning, leaving many users shocked, saddened and stressed. Well, surprised anyway. Because Twitter’s growth has skyrocketed in 2009, this means a significant number of accounts were created in the blissful recent period during which the service has actually been pretty stable. These folks know not of the fail whale. But the old timers just sigh and experience a little deja vu. After all, Twitter was so notoriously unstable…

A (Mildly) Profane Look at Social Media

What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Late View more documents from Marta Kagan.

5 Other Ways to Use Twitter

Twitter, in its current Shiny New Object media oversaturation phase, seems largely to be considered as useful for one of two things: sharing inane updates (“Eating a sandwich”) and following the inane updates of celebrities (“Ashton Kutcher is eating a sandwich”). It’s a bit of a bad rap, of course. As we good interactive marketing folks know, Twitter can be a great channel for networking, sharing information with — and getting it back from — others in the field, and…

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