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9 Lessons We Learned in ’09

As the year comes to a close, the CDG bloggers take a moment to look back at the Top 9 things we learned in 2009 in interactive marketing strategy, analytics, social media and content.

Can They Really Say That About My Hotel?

It’s a hotel’s worst nightmare: an unhappy guest has complained about the property online and now their review is popping up in Google search results. What is a manager or director of sales to do?
At CDG Interactive, we help our hotel clients manage their reputations online. Based on our experience, we’ve drawn up 3 Tips for Managing Your Hotel’s Reputation Online.

The Social Media for Business 5-Step Starter Kit

Your business is ready to start using social media for marketing. Here’s the 5-Step Starter Kit to get going with Facebook, Twitter and more.

What Social Media is Good For

Or How the Internet Helped Heal My Cat & Get Rid of Drew’s Cancer The topic I wanted to address this week was social media, community and creating change. Originally this post was supposed to be about Blame Drew’s Cancer as a social media phenomenon, and it still will be, but in a different way than I originally intended. On Monday night I came home on my way to run what I thought would be a quick errand. Rather than…

Twitter vs. the Long Tail

An analysis of our blog metrics before and after a post was widely shared shows the difference in engagement between visitors coming from Twitter and the long tail of search.

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