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Case Study: Snowmageddon + Social Media = Sales

A mini case-study of how CDG’s creatives capitalized on the DC Snowmageddon storm to test PR, marketing and advertising channels.

What We’re Reading – February 19

This week’s collection of interesting links related to the web, online marketing and social media, from CDG Interactive.

Where’s Your Conversation? Measuring Blog Interaction

A friend and former colleague recently lamented on her blog that no one had commented on her new re-design. From the responses she received, the reason was soon obvious – no one had seen it. All of her readers were using RSS. Great for ensuring your readers see every post, but not so much for commenting on the design. But that discussion highlighted another struggle we have – internally and with our clients. How do you measure blog interaction and…

What We’re Reading – February 5

Do more with mobile Google is updating the features on mobile ads again – this time introducing click-to-call phone numbers in mobile ads. I can see this as a definitely helpful feature instead of trying to remember a number and dial. Like Post-its for Analytics Google Analytics has now made their annotations feature available to everyone. If you run a special promotion or your site is featured somewhere, you can create an annotation to note the event and help track…

What We’re Reading

The Washington Post is running a video series called On Leadership. The latest installment is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talking about Steve Jobs, managing creative thinkers and creating revolutionary products. The London Times wonders, If brevity is the soul of wit, does Twitter make comedians funnier? Distracted driving takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of new Internet enabled cars at the consumer electronics show. Not sure what to do with unwanted holiday gifts? 6 ideas from creating…

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