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3 Lessons the Old Spice Guy Taught Us About Marketing

The witty, personalized video campaign Old Spice launched on social media channels generated a lot of buzz–and taught us 3 lessons about marketing.

How Twitter is Changing the Way I Read Blogs

Over the past year and a half, the way I consume blog content has gradually changed—and it’s all because of Twitter.

What We’re Reading – April 2

New look for Twitter Twitter launched a new home page this week with more focus on trending topics. They’ve also changed the new account experience so if you’ve been a user for a while it’s worth checking out the new account process to see how it’s changed – especially if you’re recommending Twitter to others. How strong is your password? A good, straight-forward explanation of password security and how to increase the strength of your passwords. What’s at the other…

What We’re Reading – March 26

Google in China There’s a lot of talk about what’s going on, but why not hear it straight from Google? Here’s the latest from the Google blog on their new approach to China. How did they really find you? Google announces Adwords Search Funnels – meaning you can look at the path people took to find you, not just the last click. This should be very interesting and will change the way we optimize Adwords. Addicted to Video games There’s…

What We’re Reading – March 19

Live Blogging & Content Marketing While these tips about live blogging and creating updates from conferences were created specifically for SXSW, they are good reminders when creating updates from any conference. Lady Gaga School of Marketing Church of the Customer tells us what Lady Gaga can teach us about marketing and building customer loyalty (and they’re right). Now What? Once you have their attention, what do you want them to do? Don’t neglect your call to action on your site,…

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