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Top 3 Reasons We Like the New Facebook Pages

If you’re the administrator of your company’s Facebook page, you’ll soon be seeing changes – business pages will look and act more like the new individual profile pages with photos across the top and navigation down the left. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be seeing the option to upgrade to the new layout for pages; eventually all pages will be upgraded by March. More photos First, you’ll see more photos on the page, and have the ability to hide…

Chef Gillian Clark on Social Media Authenticity

When Innate works with business owners or professionals branching out into social media, one of the first questions we get is, “How should I act?” At the risk of sounding like your Mom, the best advice we can give is this: “Just be yourself.” Or, to put it in more buzzy terms: Retain your authenticity. Authenticity is the currency of social media. Consumers — especially those well-versed in the world social media—can sniff out an inauthentic social media presence quicker than…

How to Add a Product to a LinkedIn Company Profile

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s new Products & Services tab for Company Profiles; CDG Interactive’s 5-step guide walks you through the process.

This Halloween Tweet Your Treats

Use treats to attract more customers to your social media feeds

Twitter for Business: The 5-Step Starter Kit

Following up on our Social Media for Business 5-Step Starter Kit post, we help businesses dive in to Twitter with the Twitter for Business 5-Step Starter Kit.

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