Chess for the Blind

Working with the American Foundation for the Blind has made me very aware of new innovations in products and technology for the visually impaired. That’s why when I saw this chess set designed for the blind, it caught my attention. The chess set was created for a design competition sponsored by the Noguchi Museum. According to the official press release, “the Museum invited full-time students of design and architecture to redesign the classic chess set and board for the twenty-first…


Check us out! The folks at BrainJams mentioned us and our client, the Hotel Maison de Ville, in a post about the New Orleans BrainJams which a couple of the CDG team attended. We had a great time and learned a lot from everyone there. We’re pretty happy that the feeling seems to be mutual. We love seeing the new photos from Maison de Ville, and Carly posted some of her own pictures that she took when she stayed there…

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