“Graphic Design”

See the Matthew Snyder Interview for Ignite DC

Geoff Livingston interviewed Matthew Snyder about Matthew’s presentation for Ignite DC on “11 Ways to Bridge the Physical & Mobile Worlds with QR Codes.”

Innate and GEICO team up to create iAd

CDG Interactive teams up with GEICO to create the latest iAd for Apple’s new iPhone advertising platform, “The Gecko’s Wheel of Wisdom.”

How to Give Constructive Design Feedback Past the Logo

Out of all of the phases of a website development project, the one that’s probably the most fun, and most prone to all-around-angst, is the design phase. If your creative agency’s job is to design a superior website, the client’s job is to provide thoughtful, helpful feedback.

The Revolution will be Mobile (hello iPhone)

The blogosphere has been all a-buzz with the iPhone since before it was announced as a real product.  Mac fans have been dreaming of the perfect handheld gadget that would interpret and anticipate every need they have.  Apparently Mac fans have short memories, and had forgotten or forgive Apple for the Newton — which actually was the grand-daddy of PDAs — but failed miserably. I’ve avoided writing about the iPhone because everyone else had been covering it ad-naseum.  Then Scott…

To Flash or Not to Flash?

We’ve been having an interesting internal debate about what techniques to use for various projects. Needless to say, each part of the CDG team has a unique perspective on things.

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