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Website Keywords – Research (Part 2)

Last week we discussed the basics of keywords and how to determine what search terms current visitors are using to find your site. But that will only tell you how you’re already been found – not what traffic you’re missing. In order to know what traffic isn’t currently finding your site (and therefore going to your competitors), you’ll need to know what keywords users are actually using when they sit down at a search engine and start typing. This week, we’ll compare a few…

Website Keywords – the Basics (Part 1)

When creating new content for your website, we’ve all heard to focus on keywords – to allow visitors to find your content, to be properly indexed in the search engines, etc. But what does that mean? And how do you know which keywords to use? Several tools are available to help you determine what keywords are most relevant to your potential audience so you can determine which are most likely to yield results for you. We’ll be reviewing and comparing…

What’s in Your Toolbox?

After a client visit in New York, I was walking around SoHo with our Creative Director in the rain. We were going in and out of any number of trendy shops when we stopped at Kate Spade so he could look at a bag for his wife. He found me looking at a rain coat. “This is really cute!” I declared. “Is it really cute?” he asked. “Or is it pouring outside?” It brought me up short and made me…

How to Be An Overnight Success Online (In 30 to 90 Days)

Online businesses need to put in up-front effort in online marketing to create interest and drive traffic and sales. Here’s our sample timeline for generating success in 90 days or less.

A Tale of E-mail Subject Line FAIL and How To Avoid It

Avoid making these four email subject line mistakes in your marketing messages: spelling, capitalization, punctuation and factual errors. And how to fix it if you do.

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