“Digital Marketing”

3 Ways to Go Mobile

Wondering how to make the mobile platform work for your business? Here are three strategies to consider.

Promotion Without a Product

Promoting your product is only half of the conversion process. You have to give that traffic somewhere to go–and something to buy.

Track Ecommerce Web Conversions Beyond $

Although ecommerce goals are typically straightforward–sales and revenue–here are some other ways to track conversions on an ecommerce website, from repeat purchase rates to shopping cart abandonments to contribution by marketing channels.

How To Avoid Email Content Déjà Vu

If you’re marketing to email lists with similar audiences, follow these tips to avoid sending the same message to the same people twice.

Website Keywords – Implementation (Part 3)

In the first two discussions on keywords, we talked about how to determine what keywords are already driving traffic to your site and how to discover new potential keywords. Now that you have all those keywords, what should you do with them? Incorporating keywords Once you have your list of keywords, review the content of your website page by page to determine which keywords are most relevant to each page. Usually they progress from broad categories on your homepage to very specific words on your internal…

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