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5 Basic Book Promotion Ideas

Writing a book is just the beginning of the journey. Here are 5 key steps self-published authors should take to promote their book and themselves.

Should I Fire My PPC Agency?

I’ve been seeing more and more of these articles and posts on other blogs lately: Should I fire my PPC agency? Should I fire my interactive marketing agency? With the proliferation of tools like Google Analytics, Google Alerts, and Google Insights for Search providing information for free (and to everyone) that used to be only available to a select few who were willing to pay dearly for the privilege, it’s tempting to think you don’t need those services anymore. After all, you now have access to same data. And…

How to Verify Customer Intent with Split-Testing

What your customers say they want and what they actually do is often different. Here’s one easy way to verify their intent with testing.

Why Conversions are Sexier than Don Draper

This Sunday saw the return of AMC’s Mad Men, that homage to hard-drinking, cigarette-smoking, philandering ad men (and a few women) who prowled 1960s Madison Avenue. The key player is Don Draper, a creative genius who has risen to the level of super-stardom in the advertising industry. As the series opened this season, Don was being interviewed for a profile in Advertising Age thanks to his recent innovative campaign for Glo-Coat Floor Wax. “Caused a bit of a squeal,” said…

Real World Marketing Matters Too

Heidi talked about the Old Spice campaign last week  (which seems to be one of the most blogged about topics this past week) and one aspect she touched upon in her post is how Wieden + Kennedy chose who to respond to.  They didn’t only choose online celebrities (although they were particularly canny in their selection of those), they also created messages to Ellen DeGeneres, George Stephanapolous and Ryan Seacrest – all people with television shows who could replay the spot and provide additional exposure…

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