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What Politicians Can Teach You About Marketing

Campaigning and marketing are a lot alike. Here are 4 things politicians can teach you about marketing (and it’s not just about Twitter).

Who’s Scanning Your QR Codes?

There are seemingly as many ways to use QR codes as there are demographic groups using them. Use data to understand your audience’s mobile interaction.

Want to Know More About Mobile QR Codes?

Many submit proposals to speak at Ignite DC, but only 16 are chosen. And this year, CDG Interactive’s Creative Director Matthew Snyder is one of them; he’ll be presenting at Ignite DC #7 on “11 Ways to Bridge the Physical & Mobile Worlds with QR Codes.”

4 Lessons on Targeting Facebook Ads for Results

While I was on Facebook recently, I noticed something that made me think about how advertising is targeted. After a little research, I came up with these four lessons that will help your Facebook ads be more effective. In my news stream on Facebook, I saw that a colleague had “liked” a new page, and I asked her if she clicked on the like button because she’d seen and clicked on the ad. “Oh, I saw that ad,” she said.…

5 Ways to Reach Customers with Mobile

As smartphone usage increases, so has the interest in reaching customers with mobile marketing. From SMS to QR codes to search ads, here are 5 ways to reach your customers with mobile.

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