“Digital Marketing”

Visibility Optimization

It’s time to change the converstation. Too many people talk about search engine optimization as the holy grail and act like it’s divorced from all other forms of marketing and communications. Then there are the search marketing (e.g. adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing) camps which contend that the only choice is to buy hundreds of useless keywords with contextless ads. And of course there are the growing social media & viral camps that insist that this is the only way.
That’s right two exclamation points. I’m that serious.

Social Norms in Virtual Worlds

I just spent my lunch reading a study by Nick Yee of Standford University entitle “The Unbearable Likeness of Being: The Persistence of Nonverbal Social Norms in Online Virtual Environments”(pdf) Now if you read all the way through the title, and didn’t glaze over — you should really read the study. It’s a short report and it’s very interesting. There’s also a great interview with him at Mind Hacks that’s worth reading.

Let’s Talk about Affiliate Marketing

My coverage of the How to Grow a Profitable Affiliate Channel at Ad:Tech Chicago seems to have rather upset Affiliate Marketers. My main issue was with the content of the session not matching what the conference scheduled billed it as being, but in addition the panelists did say many things that just left me really confused and bewildered. Based on what a blogger who covered this session at a previous Ad:Tech said, I went back and read his review —…

Gmail Ads

Is it wrong to admit that I love the ads in Gmail? I just love the random stuff that appears in the Web Clips box. It’s a little creapy — but it’s still funny. Part of what I love is trying to figure out what the computers are cueing off of in my email to bring that ad up. Sometimes the ad or article is even something that I need or am looking for at that moment, which is the…

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