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Quiz: What’s Your Travel Personality?

The thought of lying on a beach in Maui over vacation may make your skin crawl (scratchy sand!) and skin boil (stifling sun rays!) but it might be your best friend’s favorite vacation activity. Your dream anniversary trip could be a romantic trip to Italy to look at art and dine on local pasta, while your spouse envisions the two of you in an isolated cabin in Oregon splitting a can of Chef-Boyardee for dinner if fresh fish isn’t available.…

It’s an Ad, Silly

I was reminded last  week that when I think I’m being repetitive — I’m often just getting through.  For so long SEO was devoid of any marketing theory that I guess I can’t remind people often enough that titles and meta descriptions are really tiny ads.  This morning SEOmoz had a great article on meta descriptions, and so I decided if they are saying it again, it’s still must need saying.

Turn Competitors into Collaborators

There are more and more companies that are turning potential competitors into collaborators.  I’m not talking about huge multi-national companies that take over some small company and call it a merger.  I’m really talking about a growing trend in business.   It’s part of the whole “Web 2.0” movement, which pretty much assumes that 100 minds are better than 1 person’s humble opinion. That’s really what Web 2.0 is about — conversation, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Converstation Starters

Online newspapers are finally finding their strides, despite the dire warnings about the Internet being the death of newspapers.  Many newspapers are realizing that the Web provides a unique opportunity to once again be the source for information.  For years Americans have drifted away from newspapers, but as more and more of us use the Web to find information and news — the online newspapers are really our most reliable sources of information.

The Magic of Moo

Moo is huge.  Moo is fun.  Moo is more interesting than the Moo crew ever imagined. What’s Moo?  It’s all Greek to you? Moo, is a company that prints 1/2 sized business cards as personal calling cards.  The gimmick is that you can pull pictures from your Flickr account and crop them to size in the Moo interface and then type a personal message on the back.  Moo called them “calling cards,” but like so many user-generated content ideas —…

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