How (And Why) To Start a Company Blog

Our new five-part series will walk you through the how-to — and why — of starting a company blog.

And it’s 1 – 2 – 3: Who are we Writing For?

It’s an interesting exercise, writing for a company blog. You need to be professional, yet conversational; witty, yet credible; authoritative, yet engaging. It’s a tall order. And one that the blogging team at CDG confronts week after week. Recently, we sat down to discuss the direction of the blog, and identify how we could make it better and more relevant. We’ve seen our traffic grow steadily (and spike exponentially, with the help of Lisa’s cat Bandit and a shout out…

Twitter vs. the Long Tail

An analysis of our blog metrics before and after a post was widely shared shows the difference in engagement between visitors coming from Twitter and the long tail of search.

Experience + Creativity = Innovation

Here are a few of CDG Interactive’s methods for combining experience and creativity to generate innovation in interactive design.

Mamma Mia: Are Mom Bloggers Selling Out?

I came across a great post from Katie Allison Granju, whose Home/Work blog runs on Ms. Granju is one of the legions of “mombloggers” (ick, I hate that term) who—in the midst of documenting the trials and tribulations of modern motherhood—have become a force-to-be-reckoned-with for online marketers. This particular post poses the question of whether momloggers have damaged their credibility by mortgaging too much of their online real estate to marketers in exchange for lavish freebies. Let’s not mince…

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