Just Do It: Try a Writer’s Sprint

What do exercise and writing have in common? Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to do either. Here’s a sports-inspired trick to break through writer’s block.

How to Get Over Yourself and Write More Blog Posts

You can write more blog posts if you get over yourself and learn to be OK with incomplete thoughts. Here’s how.

Writing Content to Make Users Feel Welcome

An example of how copywriting on the web can strike the wrong tone. Courtesy of the Virginia DMV.

How Twitter is Changing the Way I Read Blogs

Over the past year and a half, the way I consume blog content has gradually changed—and it’s all because of Twitter.

Case Study Results: Optimizing Blog Post Landing Pages

We summarize the results of the case study we launched Jan. 22 on “Using Keyword Analytics to Optimize Blog Post Content” in which we re-optimized a 2009 blog post on the Google Analytics IQ Test that was still receiving traffic.

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